• MediFacts supports the software you use on a daily basis, the software you don't see that maintains a secure HIPAA environment, the system upgrades, the software changes  necessary to improve our product, security control features, and the software and hardware necessary to keep the system available and transportable 24/7 at no additional cost to you. 


  • Our MediFacts System Administrator works with you through a formal process to personally control system access, set permissions, and employee system termination. 

  • The MediFacts software support personnel are available as required to train your people and to troubleshoot problems your personnel might encounter while using the software.

  • MediFacts personnel are aware in real time about the condition of the internet connections required to run Medifacts and the general health of our central site.

  • The MediFacts central site is a fault tolerant, generator powered, RAID equipped system that calls the computer doctor when it’s ailing.

Customer Focused

  • MediFacts backs up each physicians’ or ASCs’  encrypted patient data and encrypted key operating files at least once a day to the warm and rolling MediFacts backup site in Rochester Minnesota and other geographically diverse locations. We practice relocation as needed each year and the recovery time should be just a matter of single digit hours.

  • MediFacts personnel will help you set up your PCs to keep the PC operating system and internet browser current to prevent malware from infecting your PC. The PC will also be configured to block incoming port when inactivity is sensed. 

  • Most MediFacts screens are Ipad friendly.

  • MediFacts supports the Internet Explorer (IE10), Safari, and Firefox browsers


  • MediFacts has boilerplate Processes and Procedures that you can rework to help your practice or ASC be HIPAA compliant.

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