In addition to its core Medical and Billing product and associated services, Medifacts can provide you the following:

             Time and Attendance

              We can install a time and attendance tracking system along with Medifacts. The system                         starts with a log on Icon on the desk top for each employee and ends with a report                                   suitable for submission to your payroll provider. In addition the system keeps track of the                         PTO(Personal Time Off) statistics common to the Medical field. For more information                               contact us. Click Here

              Office Provisioning

              We can advise you on office equipment like faxes, routers, PCs, etc, ISPs, telephone                               systems, and assist you with procurement. For more information contact us. Click Here

              HIPAA compliance help

              The Medifacts Security Officer can help you with your required HIPAA Privacy & Security                         compliance attestation.  Many of the facts you will be issuing an attestation about are                               endemic to the Medifacts software and the Medifacts Security Officer duties. For the HIPAA                     specific personnel policies and procedures for your office or facility, we can provide you with                   boiler plate examples that can be tailored to your situation.  If you have a HIPAA specific                         inspection, Medifacts  stands recommends our Security Officer be available during the                             inspection to answer questions or demonstrate compliance. If the SO is required on site travel                 expenses would be the customer’s responsibility.