The first thing the MediFacts people will do is to collect specific physician information required to file claims, to do procedures, order lab tests, and electronically prescribe.


  •  MediFacts will obtain a copy of your current daily office schedule, scheduling increments, hours of operation, and scheduled office closures.


  • MediFacts will seek advice from the physician concerning which employees need what permissions.


The next thing MediFacts will do is identify where on you old antiquated system the data resides and determine the best way to export the data.


  • We will assess your network and PCs before startup to insure you will get timely response from MediFacts. The only things you need are commodity grade PCs, Internet Explorer or Firefox browser, probably a router, and an ISP.


Lastly MediFacts will check your facility for general HIPAA compliance and make recommendations you should consider.