Your increasingly tech-savvy customer base expects services like secure online access to their data from anywhere in the world.


Patient data access is supported in MediFacts by the use of a patient portal. A patient portal is a secure place the patient enters to look at their data as required by MU and expanded by MediFacts. The patient is either given or is emailed a link into the portal and a user ID. The first time the patient enters they create their own password conforming to our guidelines. After a set of patient security questions are correctly answered access is granted.


The site then, in a secure manner collects from the MediFacts system, displays the latest patient information, and logs the visit. The information is robust in content for those physicians using the MediFacts EHR features: demographics, medications list, drug interactions, allergies, lab tests, and diagnosis history. The content can be printed or downloaded by the patient.


Thus patient has access to their data from anywhere.


The physician has access to their data from anywhere. Physicians can log onto MediFacts from anywhere.  We would advise one not to use MediFacts if you cannot ascertain the WIFI router you are using is secure.