Physical Identifiers

  • MediFacts will enter the physician identifies into protected areas on our system.

  • MediFacts will set your current daily office schedule, scheduling increments, Operating Room(s) or room utilization schema, hours of operation, and scheduled office closures on the system.

  • MediFacts will register the physician for electronic prescriptions if that option is selected.

Data Import

  • If you’re current system can export an Excel file, CSV, or any other known file construct containing your patient data, we will do a direct import. If your current system cannot do this, unfortunately, unless we can find another avenue, patient demographics and insurance data will need to be entered by people. The hand entry of all the patient data does not need to be done up front. Just enter patients as they are scheduled and at other times during the day.

Special Reports

  • If any tailoring of the MediFacts system necessary for startup Medifacts will obtain the specifics about those changes and start programming.